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24Seven Cart partnered with Retail Technology in Saudi Arabia


Retail Technology partners with 24Seven Cart to provide complete ecommerce solutions for retailers, who look forward to starting an online business alongside their offline stores. Retail Pro being a Point of Sale (POS) software plus merchandising solution covers Back office, Customer Management, Back office, Store Operations and Analytics and Reporting; while on the other hand 24Seven cart gives the retailers full authority to manage their stores over the internet, right from managing the catalogues to multiple modes of payment to calculating the shipping time. Thus, this integrated solution enables the merchant to operate online stores in parallel with physical stores with great ease.

Though many international businesses deploy these integrated software solutions to carry out their day to day operations, this practice is not fairly common in Saudi Arabia. Most companies here still rely on the traditional way without computer systems, which deprives them of the positive impact an integrated retail solution can provide. Therefore, this partnership between Retail technology and 24Seven cart is a perfect opportunity to make them aware of its numerous advantages, and to potentially double their profits due to increased efficiency and productivity.

Creating an environment of expertise

As many stores are yet to opt for software solutions to carry out their day to day store operations, there is a considerable market for this technology in Saudi Arabia. With an efficient Point of Sale Software from Retail Technology, the sales are improved, transparency is provided at different levels and it fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the product, while a 24Seven Cart system can help keep a tab of the online store. Further, the amalgamation of the two can create a perfect environment that is highly conducive for trading.

Merits of Integration are:

  • Easy Uploading: The online store automatically gets updated with product data, inventory data, prices, images and other attributes from physical stores enabled with Retail Pro.
  • Easy Downloading: Physical stores with Retail Pro can access data regarding online orders, shipping information, mode of payment and other details from the web store.
  • Real Time updates: With the integration, both the Retail Pro enabled physical store and web store get updated on real time basis. Also, one can schedule the process of update on hourly or daily basis.
  • Significant increase in Sales: The seamless integration of Retail Technology with 24Seven Cart can help improve the sales graphs of your business however not just in the store, but from a global perspective.

The above factors make the partnership between Retail Technology and 24 Seven Cart highly beneficial for Saudi Arabia.

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