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Retail Technology expanding into the Saudi Arabian market


Due to the ecommerce boom, it has become crucial for traditional brick and mortar stores to familiarize and equip themselves with efficient Point of Sale (POS) software as well as merchandising solution to cater to their business’s Store operations, Analytics and Reporting, Customer Management and other Back-Office needs. Thus, Retail Technology is determined to make its mark in the Saudi Arabian retail industry with its uniquely flexible and scalable retail management solutions.

The solutions offered by Retail Technology are:

  • Retail Pro Ecommerce Integration:Integrated with 24Seven cart, this ecommerce platform can help you synchronise web orders, availability, pricing and other customer information on real time basis. Also, this solution can help you enjoy multi-channel retailing and lets your “on the move” shoppers shop at any time, anywhere and using any device.
  • Physical Inventory Scanner:Keeping of the inventory plays a major role in the success of any retail business. Retail Technology offers a number of innovative solutions for inventory management by making use of scanner compatible tags. They offer lightweight easy to use physical inventory scanners to scan and record details of the products with absolute accuracy, and to help you organise the inventory. Also, it comes with a “Clean House” feature that removes items that are not necessary to be stored for future use.
  • Point of Sale Software:The POS software offered by Retail Technology has been specially tailored to address the key issues and goals of your business. Personalised report generation, Customer data sharing, multi-currency support, multi-lingual support are some of the features that make this Point of Sale softwares powerful and comprehensive.
  • Retail Pro Integration:Seamless integration between different software technologies can help you reap the best benefits out of the existing IT infrastructure. Thus, Retail Pro integration helps you streamline all the processes and gives you the opportunity to scale up your business.
  • Ware house management:Retail Technology’s warehouse management solutions help in continuously syncing store data with the inventory, keeping a track of the inventory history, maintaining real time logs and also give highly accurate analysis and interpretations that play a major role in the progress of any retail business.
  • Retail Pro Prism:The Retail Pro Prism is one of the most flexible POS solutions, that features a future-ready architecture, a friendly user interface, low maintenance and exciting many other features that make it a powerful global retail management solution .
  • Retail Pro Business:Retail Technology offers a wide range of custom designed Retail Pro solutions for various business verticals like clothing brands, restaurants, bookstores and many more. They provide complete professional support and e-learning tools with their retail solutions.
  • Retail Pro 9:This wholesome retail management solution offers a number of exciting features that can help you manage different store operations simultaneously. Apart from merchandising features, this system is compatible with ERP systems, supports franchise business, assists in employee management and has many other elements which can improve productivity, increase profits and boost the overall efficiency of the business.

The above factors make the partnership between Retail Technology and 24 Seven Cart highly beneficial for Saudi Arabia.