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Retail Pro 8 KSA

Retail Pro 8

Retail Pro 8 is a highly functional and comprehensive Retail Pro POS solution that encompasses features such as employee management, store operations, inventory management, CRM, reporting and analysis, order fulfillment, loss prevention and so much more. A wholesome package that is user-friendly and affordable, Retail Pro 8 pos is perfectly apt for the retail sector and offers you a great ROI.
Customized Retail Pro 8 solutions for you retail enterprise
The Retail Pro POS v8 has been around for more than two decades and has satisfied thousands of retails across the world. At Retail Technology, we have an in-house team that customizes the Retail Pro v8 solution and make it appropriate to your retail enterprise. An all-encompassing and highly comprehensive solution, the user friendly and customized Retail Pro v8 offers the scalability and flexibility you seek in a retail management package.
Why invest in Retail Pro 8?
Retail Pro Point of sale 8 is highly feature-rich. Here are a few features that make it worth purchasing.
Store operations and POS
At Retail Technology, we tailor Retail Pro to fulfill the demands of your business, from customer management and inventory management to currency handling, multi-language support and multi-tax management. The customizable workflows you enjoy through Retail Pro 8 ease your store management requirements as well. You can effectively simplify your store management with a customized Retail Pro v8 solution.
Manage your merchandize and inventory
Inventory and merchandize management is the backbone of any retail business. If you can handle these functions effectively, you can definitely enhance the overall productivity and profitability of your business. The Retail Pro 8 inventory and merchandize management solution, complete with features such as auto-transfers and auto-replenishment, eases this very important job. With this integrated system, you receive actionable information that helps you take better decisions about your inventory and curbs loses due to out-of-stock condition and misappropriation of resources.
Customer management
Happy customers are the foundation of successful businesses. Keep your customers happy and satisfied with highly effective and efficient CRM solutions of Retail Pro 8. In fact, Retail Pro v8 became the path-breaker and trendsetter in customer management by including these features in a user-friendly retail management system. With Retail Pro 8, you can review customer history, study patterns in customer behavior, offer personalized service and lay a strong foundation to build brand loyalty.
Prevent losses
Profits and loses are a part of retail business. However, with the effective features in Retail Pro v8, you can effectively curtail causes such as theft, misappropriation of resources and mismanagement of the business that lead to loses. Retail Pro v8 offers features for performance analysis, profit margin monitoring, retail audits, security checks and so much more.
Reporting and analysis
Report and analysis features in Retail Pro 8 are very robust. Analyze various aspects of your business including sales and purchases. The package also includes ready-made report templates. The Report Designer feature enables you to design your report sheets and analyze them as per your convenience.
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