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Retail Pro 9 KSA

Retail Pro 9

Looking for IT solutions to enhance operational efficiency, improve productivity and increase profits? Choose Retail Pro 9, an affordable and flexible global Retail Pro Point of Sale 9 System, with merchandising features, back office applications, store operations, reporting and analytics and retail management tools. At Retail Technology, we customize this solution for you and help you harness its maximum benefits for effective retail management.
Comprehensive retail management system
With Retail Pro v9, a wholesome retail management solution, you get a package complete with multiple features required to manage different store operations. The highlights of this solution are its user-friendly interface, tried and tested reliability and effective extensibility. This package is suitable even for the most demanding retail operations.
What are the benefits of Retail Pro 9?
A total international solution that addresses multiple facets of retail management, Retail Pro POS v9 offers several benefits because it is flexible and adapts to the specific needs of your business. This system can handle multiple currencies, multiple tax issues and supports multiple languages. The highlights of the system are:
  • Compatibility with ERP systems
  • Comprehensive retail management system
  • Meant for specialty retail
  • Workflow flexibility
  • Accounting link
  • Flexibility in user interface
  • E-commerce integration
  • Report and analytics, statistics and KPIs

The unmatched capability of Retail Pro 9
Retail Pro 9 has is highly feature-rich and has unmatched capability. The powerful management tools, along with user-friendly applications, offer enormous scope for customization. The capabilities of Retail Pro 9 pos include:
  • Checkout and Point of Sale systems
  • Applications that boost customer management
  • Paves way for customer retention and loyalty
  • Layaways, gift registries and special orders
  • Purchase order management and transfers
  • Manage and control inventory
  • Ecommerce integrated
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Franchise business support
  • Robust employee management
  • Centralized transaction control

The multiple features of Retail Pro 9
Retail Pro 9 offers the best of functionality, affordability and customizability. Run your business your own way using the powerful features in this effective retail solution.
  • Checkout and Point of Sale
  • Ecommerce integrated
  • Gift registries, special orders and layaways
  • Flexible and easy interface
  • KPIs and reports
  • Manage and control inventory
  • Manage and transfer purchase orders
  • Franchise business support
  • Complete employee management

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