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Your business is unique and so, the POS solutions you utilize to optimize the output of your business should be unique too. At Retail Technology we offer customized retail pro point-of-sale products that are functional, cost effective and highly efficient for your business. Our expertise includes POS for Apparel store, POS for Shoe store and POS solutions for sports accessories, to name a few. Make the most of business intelligence, cloud technology, multi-channel support and the best e-commerce features to grab the winning edge in today’s highly competitive retail industry.
Retail Pro 8 is one of the highly functional and comprehensive Retail Pro POS solutions that encompasses features such as employee management, store operations, inventory management, CRM, reporting and analysis, order fulfillment, loss prevention and so much more.
Looking for IT solutions to enhance operational efficiency, improve productivity and increase profits? Choose Retail Pro 9, an affordable and flexible global Retail Pro POS System, with merchandising features, back office applications, store operations, reporting and analytics and retail management.
The most flexible Retail Pro POS solution, Retail Pro Prism is a global level retail management solution featuring future-ready architecture, low maintenance demands, friendly user interface and several other retail-specific features. Customize this powerful solution to suit your
Truly Global POS Solutions
Retail Pro Gifts
Layaways, Special Order, and Gift Registries
Retail Pro Support
Support for Franchise Businesses
Centralized Transaction Control
Centralized Transaction Control
Retail Pro POS
Point of Sale and Checkout
Retail Pro Report & Analytics
Robust Reporting and Analytics
Retail Pro Inventory Management
Inventory Control and Management
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